Promoting Your Business Through A Mobile Marketing Campaign

  • By Matthias
  • September 5, 2012
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The mobile market is vast and gives you the ability to reach out to millions of potential customers. Of course you want to run a successful mobile marketing campaign, and there are certain things that you can do to make that happen. This article will give you some great advice for keeping customers happy and revisiting your site. Follow these tips to ensure success of your mobile marketing campaign.

When you start a mobile media campaign it is very important to let people know about it. Promoting your campaign through other websites your company utilizes will alert others as to what you are doing. Make sure your customers know that your site is mobile friendly and encourage them to visit. Offer special deals to people who visit your mobile site purchases items or services.

People on their mobile devices are on the go and usually do not have time to read in-depth information. Keep the information on your mobile site short and interesting. Ensuring that your content can be read easily and in a short amount of time will keep visitors coming back. Save complicated articles for your main site where people have more time to spend exploring all your business has to offer.

Using caps lock is a great way to grab your reader’s attention in certain areas of your site. Sites that use too much text in caps lock however tend to turn users away. Using all capital letters can make your site hard to read, especially on a mobile device. Only use the caps lock to accentuate important points, and remember to keep your text size small to fit the small sized screens. Your customers will appreciate the easy to read text.

Allowing your customers to give you feedback helps to build a more personal relationship with them. Acknowledge feedback that they do give you, by letting them know you appreciate the suggestions. Keep your customers updated on changes and improvements that you are making. Sometimes it is the customers who point out broken links and bugs with the site, so make sure to thank them.

Mobile marketing targets users of mobile devices, which are usually powered on all of the time.more

How To Reach Out To Your Audience Via Mobile Marketing

  • By Matthias
  • March 27, 2012
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Have you ever considered using mobile marketing to interact with your audience? Read this article to learn more about mobile marketing and how you could use it to reach out to your audience.

Design a mobile marketing strategy that is adapted to your target audience. You should do some research about your customers or have them answer to surveys so you can get a better idea of how much they spend on their mobile phones and what they use these devices for. Find out what kind of data plans your customers have, how much time they spend surfing on the Internet, whether or not their phone supports apps and how likely they are to use social networking apps. And remember that your findings can change from one year to the next since new technologies eventually become more affordable.

Provide your audience with valuable content. If your content is original, interesting and valuable, customers will subscribe to your campaign and pay attention to your updates. If you notice that a lot of people are cancelling their subscription to your text alerts, you might have to rethink your approach and focus on the quality of your updates. Typically, an original and valuable update should be short, exclusive and carry a sense of urgency. You could for instance let your audience know about a discount they can redeem in the next couples of days or until supplies last.

Experiment with different mobile marketing techniques in function of the devices your customers own. Everyone should be able to receive text messages, which makes text alerts very popular. Add a subscription form to your site and present your text alerts as a way of getting access to exclusive offers. If most of your customers have good data plans, do not hesitate to text pictures of your products or links to your mobile website. A mobile website is a good addition to your campaign if your customers are likely to use their phones to surf the Internet. A mobile website allows you to present some information about your products in a lighter format that does not slows down mobile phones.… more