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Topics in the September 1999
Vol. 22, No. 1 Issue:
Published by The Roeper School in Michigan, the
Roeper Review
applies the highest standards paris gratuit 20bet of peer review journalism to cover a broad range of issues - for professionals who work with teachers and psychologists, and for professionals who work directly with gifted and talented children and their families. The journal provides lively and readable coverage of policy issues, developments, innovations in practice, and applied research. It emphasizes both the cognitive and the emotional. It is a forum for discussion, striving to present all views and perspectives on any given paris sportifs 20bet matter.

Each edition covers topics that focus on the gifted such as the middle school, gender issues, developmental phases, at-risk students, learning disabled, creativity, problem solving, and school reform and it's impact 20bet en ligne.




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The Impact of Giftedness on
Psychological Well-Being

by Maureen Neihart, Guest Editor

Relationship Between Levels of
Giftedness and Psychosocial Adjustment
by Antony Norman, Shula Ramsey, Carl Martray,
Julia Roberts

The Impact of Giftedness on Psychological
Well-Being: What Does the Empirical
Literature Say?
by Maureen Neihart
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Intellectually Superior Children and
Behavioral Problems and Competence
by Nicholas Gallucci, George Middleton, Adam Kline

A Profile of Gifted Individuals with
Autism: The Twice-Exceptional Learner
by Abby Cash

An Examination of the Literature Base
on the Suicidal Behaviors of Gifted
by Karyn Gust-Brey, Tracy Cross

Arousing the Sleeping Giant:
Giftedness in Adult Psychotherapy
by Mary-Elaine Jacobsen

Emotional and Behavioral Problems
Among Highly Intellectually Gifted Youth
by Ann Garland, Edward Zigler

Self-Actualization and Other Personality
Dimensions as Predictors of Mental
Health of Intellectually Gifted Students
by Irena Pufal-Struzik



Doctoral Dissertations

by Larry Geffen


Departments - Research

Auditory Evoked Potentials in
Low-achieving Gifted Adolescents
by Shalini Arehole, Thomas Rigo

Preaching to the Choir: TV Advisory
Usage Among Parents of Gifted
by Robert Abelman, Jean Gubbins

Research in Brief
Acculturation and Teacher Ratings
of Hispanic and Anglo-American
by William Masten, Maximino Plata, Karen Wenglar,
Joe Thedford

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